Heart And Soul: some remarkable beings

This section is a tribute to women and men of good will, who have cared more for others than for themselves, who stood up for love, brotherhood, freedom and peace, whatever the personal cost ; to these people who have kept doing extraordinary things and have made the world a less selfish and a better place.

Our world has reached the highest level of madness and mass cruaulty since the 1910s, and for the first time in history a few have the power to destroy all life on earth in a matter of hours ; as Albert Camus wrote in August 1945: "The mechanical civilization has just reached its ultimate degree of savageness" - Auschwitz, Hiroshima, Dresden, Siberia, and so many other atrocities on all continents since WWI and the abominable hell of Verdun and the Battle of the Somme.

Recent decades have been filled with wars, civil wars, genocides, terrorist attacks, and new forms of dictatorship have appeared even in so-called democratic countries.

But during the same period, some brave and fair men and women have stood up, peacefully, with a strong mind and a pure heart. In a way, they are heirs to the Poor of Assisi, the great Saint Francis, or to Monsieur Vincent, the great Saint Vincent de Paul.
Some are christians and do their best to follow Jesus steps, some are not, but share the same love and respect for mankind and nature.

God bless them, and the Righteous Among the Nations, and those who refuse violence and tyranny - famous or unknown.

There are artists - writers, musicians, painters... -, athletes and even the odd politicans who have also acted in a remarkable way. Some have turned it into a major part of their lives. Bless them too.

And God bless your smile!