Ibrahim SHAHDA: monograph

Anita has devoted herself to promoting Shahda's work: she helped organize some 20 posthumous exhibitions and worked on a monograph for many years. The project proved to be a long-term endeavour, but the result was well worth the waiting!

The book, which was published in late 2014, includes a biography, the exhibition list, personal quotations, photos and letter extracts, Shahda's imaginary museum, articles and testimonials, and last but not least 150+ high quality reproductions.

Monograph box 2014 Monograph cover 2014

One can also watch Anita talking about Shahda, his work, their life together, her struggle to promote his work, etc. in a 12' documentary (in French) by Waldeck Weisz from 2005. But I was not able to locate the much older interview of Shahda on the French national radio.

Le secret d'Anita by Waldeck Weisz, 2005

A couple of months after the monograph publication, the magazine Les Carnets du Ventoux wrote an article with a nice portfolio in their 2015 fall edition (#89).

Carnets du Ventoux 89 2015

Other newspapers, like La Provence, also wrote enthusiastic reviews on Shahda's work and the monograph.

La Provence 2015 Review 2015