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And a personal note

Personal note

Some years ago, the "links" list was much longer. But starting with the 2010s many personal / fan sites have disappeared: sites about musicians, movie directors, actors, painters, writers, athletes, etc.

It is sad to see all these sites disappearing, as they were built by passionate people who were often experts on their subject, taking on their personal time to share their passion, and occasionally having remarkable technical / design skills.

I guess this is caused by the hegemony of companies / sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, Google and so on.

Wikipedia have a really unappreciative external link policy, when there could have been room for everyone. Sites like Wikipedia are useful, but they are not less prone to errors / mistakes, omissions and sometimes biased views than personal sites. I believe that they should avoid claiming that they are more trustworthy than other sites: in that respect it is quite edifying to compare articles in different languages and notice major differences!

Regarding Facebook (and Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and co), the functional limitations make it difficult to offer what a comprehensive website does. Or it requires adding content on many of these different platforms and forces visitors to create accounts on each of them. Which benefits financially to ... them.

Last but not least comes Google. One should celebrate the performance and quality of the search engine, but clearly Google has made choices that have an impact on smaller websites which can become quickly almost invisible: less visibility means less visitors in a never ending vicious circle. Except if the webmaster is ready to pay ads to appear in the top search results, but this is very far from the dream of a free and enriching internet.