Joy Division : photos for sale

Here is a list of photographers who are pleased to sell their great photos of the band

I have included a link to their website when available
Please note that to avoid spam, I have replaced @ by 'at' in the email addresses and that you should of course revert to @ when emailing!

I have included 2 photos for each photographer - do understand that they are low definition images and just examples of their work and may not be available for sale

Peter Anderson  (Photos available via

Ian Curtis                Ian Curtis

Philippe Carly  (tempo'at'

 Peter Hook                Stephen Morris

Kevin Cummins  (Photos available via

Ian Curtis                Ian Curtis

Andrew Davis  (andrewjdavis'at'

Bernard Albrecht/Sumner                Peter Hook     

Jean-Pierre Turmel  (for Danny Dupic photos)

  Ian Curtis                Ian Curtis

Mick Emerson  (looseballoon'at'

Joy Division                Joy Division

Patrick Kennerley  (kiff'at'

Bernard Albrecht/Sumner                Ian Curtis

Martin O'Neill  (martin'at'

Ian Curtis                Stephen Morris

Pierre René-Worms  (pierrereneworms'at'

Joy Division                Joy Division         

Steven Richards  (srichards'at'

 Ian Curtis                Ian Curtis

Reinhard Völkel  (artrent'at'

  Ian Curtis                Ian Curtis

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